All Saints

Wickham Market

April 2024

April 7th

“Seeing is believing” is one of those quotes that is quite commonly used in the English language.  It’s meaning is fairly well understood and accepted.  But like a lot of other sayings, it is not entirely accurate.

For a start, I can see something on television or in a newspaper or even a scam email and just know that it isn’t really true.  I can watch a magic trick or an illusionist perform and just know that I am being deliberately deceived.  Or on the other side of the coin, there may be things that I certainly believe to be true but cannot see, like evaporation or the wind.  And what about people who can’t see at all because they are blind - do they have trouble believing anything?  Of course not!

In fact, even the quote itself is misleading because it is not the full quote, which actually reads: Seeing is believing, but feeling is the truth.”

The truth is, sometimes you know in your heart what is the right thing to believe, whether or not it is something you can see.  Faith is a bit like that and Jesus said that those who believe in Him without seeing are truly blessed.  Knowing that Jesus died for our sakes and was raised to life again is not something we are ever going to see with our own eyes (in this life) as ‘Doubting Thomas’ was able to do and it may be a hard fact to prove but something deep inside resonates with us that this is the truth.

One final thought, do we have to see something to believe it or do we see something because we believe it? ‘Doubting Thomas’ wanted to believe Jesus was alive and 8 days later he did see Jesus, with his own eyes.  We might not see Jesus yet but we know He is the truth and one day, because we believe that, we will see him face to face!


April 14th

After Church some Sundays, we have a ‘bring & share’ lunch.  You know the sort of thing, everyone brings something and we all share, and somehow there always seems to be enough to go round and there’s always a good selection.  Not being the best cook, and being rather disorganised when it comes to matters of food, I sometimes resort to bringing packets of crisps!

At this time of year, in particular, lunching together as Christians is significant, because we have just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus and one of the things Jesus loved to do was to share a meal with his disciples.  At least 2 of these occasions were recorded after he rose from the dead; it was as if to say, “I’m back and I’m real… see, I’m eating!”

On one of these appearances, Jesus caused the disciples to catch a huge haul of fish and as they brought it ashore, Jesus was already cooking breakfast on the beach.  “Bring some of the fish you’ve just caught!” he shouted to them, “Now come and have some breakfast!” 

Jesus loved a ‘bring & share’ and what’s more, he still does!  He says to us: “bring me what you’ve got and I will make something of it.”  We may be tempted to think we don’t have much to offer, that we haven’t been blessed with a ‘huge haul’ of talent, or that our contribution to God’s work in the world feels a bit like ‘a packet of crisps’ at a banquet, but God just asks for our willingness to share what we have so that he can turn it into something wonderful!

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