Worship is a word that everyone has a picture in their mind for. For some people the “mind picture”  can be a particular religious or ceremonial act.

For others it might conjure up the image of a cult, or an excited crowd at a rally, waving arms, jumping up and down and singing. To others it might mean a particular style of church service. Certainly the picture would be religious (whatever that means), and possibly linked to a particular place.  It is interesting that in the media it is often used in the context of “act of worship”.  The word “act” also has multiple meanings that are worth thinking about. I'll leave you to think about that one.


Apparently the word “worship” is derived from worth–ship. Worth, as in this definition,

Worth - “usefulness or importance, to the world, to a person, or for a purpose:   Example -Your worth to the world is inestimable.”


An act of worship is usually communal, but is worth little if it is not personal. When you think about it, many of those “mind pictures” above don’t really match the definition of  declaring worth. Communal worship can look like a group in meditation, or like a football crowd in full voice, but if it is genuine it comes from a person’s life at that point in time, joyous or hurting, calm or passionate. “I need you. You are worth so much to me.”

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Hopefully in time this page will expand to cover a few key words often used by Christian's but that are often misunderstood. We start with just one.