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Who are we?                                

We are a church in a large rural village in Suffolk. Our church is a family, and we learn from each other. From the life changing events we share, to true inspiration from each other, we have an important journey to make, called LIFE. Living it together in a walk with God makes it so much bigger and better.



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Next Cafe Church 


Sunday, 10th June                11:00 am

    Morning Service

    "Choices"    (Matthew 7 v 13-14)

    Rev John Eldridge


Sunday, 17th June                 9:30 am

    Holy Communion

    "Fruit"    (Matthew 7 v 15-23)

    Peter Elliott


Sunday, 24th June                11:00 am

    Morning Service with Testimonies

    "Wise Builders"   (Matthew 7 v 214-29)

    Rev John Eldridge


Sunday, 1st July                   11:00 am

    Holy Communion

    "      "

    Viv Buckle


Sunday, 8th July                    11:00 am

    Morning Service

    "    "

    Rev John Eldridge






Sunday, 17th June 10.45 am.  A relaxed time for young families (and anyone else) to explore knowing God.

Weekly events

Friday, 15th June 10:30 am

    Holy Communion - Pettistree


Sunday, 10th June 3:00 pm

   Oasis Meeting, a service tailored for the more mature

Tuesday - Home Groups

(day time and evening groups)


Wednesday - Prayer for the Village

The Beehive - 9:30 am 


Thursday evening - The Saints Youth Club -  The Beehive

(more info at


Friday 10.30am ‘Open Door’ drop in

(biscuits, coffee, cake and chat) – at our church.


Messy Church

The next meeting

is on 4th July at 3 pm