Trust is a word nearly everyone understands. However, it is a word that people feel differently about depending on their personal circumstances. We could say it is a word that can have "baggage". A few examples.


A friend said after a breakup. "He let me down so badly that I find it difficult to trust anyone."


From a non-christian at college who at that time had a lot of Christian friends, "I hear you saying trust in the Lord, is that because you can't make your own mind up? I hate the idea that I'm not in control."


From a friend who had been hurt by two short term relationships that had gone sour quite quickly, "I need help, I don't even trust my own judgement anymore"


I had a friend once who said "I don't think I actually make decisions, life just seems to happen to me as I go along". I think none of us are quite as "in control" as we think we are. When you stop and think about it, we have to trust people around us a great deal. Doctors, other professionals, trades people, friends, members of our family. That's a good thing, trust holds us together.


Here is the big question. Do we trust ourselves to make the best decisions when things are really tough. How would we cope if, not only our life, but the lives of others are at stake.


A long time ago a woman called Ester found herself in this position. A large group of people were being persecuted, in fact leaders had called for them to be put to death.

These were the thoughts in Ester's head "If I say nothing, it wont be the end for everyone, in another place others will survive and I will also remain safe. But if I speak out and say "I am with these people" there is a very good chance I will be killed too. But, has my time come to be strong, my time to spreak out, who do I trust at a time like this?"


If this story was from western culture, perhaps lines from a film, we would say it was her destiny, her moment of courage, her moment to do the right thing, her moment to be heroic. Ester is actually a historical figure in the bible, Ester herself asked the question "this could be the moment I was born for" and she did speak out. It was her moment to risk "dieing on her feet, rather than spending a lifetime on her knees". She trusted her own judgment and she trusted God to give her strength and to make her voice convincing and influential.


This is what we actually mean by the phrase "trust in the Lord". We believe that when we doubt ourselves, but we are trying to do what is right in a bad situation, God's power can influence the outcome. Trust is a powerful thing.

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