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"Rocks of Life" was adapted from a story that appears in a number of places.  


I started to write "10 good things" several years ago. It is something I felt needed to be said. In many ways it reflects a sort of intellectual tolerance and respect of Christianity, so is, where I was at, as the saying goes, for a bit over 20 years of my adult life.


In fact I thought it would be fun to go along to a church home group with my wife and gently point out why I thought Christian principles were excellent, but why I didn't buy into the whole bible thing. It was quite fun, lots of banter.

There is a point in life where you do ask the question, "What is it all for?". Then things changed and 7 years ago, life pushed me into a rather horrible corner.


From my experience you need some strong  and tolerant people around when you ask very difficult questions about what is life all about. That is one reason many churches now run home groups and Alpha courses.