Inside ourselves is a soul.

Outside - is the world to be a part of

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Why do we seek meaning for our lives?

Why are we not just content with just being?

Why do we feel we need a spiritual side?


After all, the theory of human evolution tells us that we don't need a soul to pass on our genetic code. We respond to our environment. We find a mate. Our genes are selfish, we are told, they simply program us to pass on our genetic code. But then that seems so dry and callous. Some Biologists would say, that's the way it is, nature red in tooth, claw and sex. Love for your wife, boyfriend, significant other, is simply an outward expression of the fact that protecting your mate, gives your genes more chance of survival through to the future.


Well, frankly, I don't buy this. It just does not match my experience of life. Why am I thrilled to see a waterfall? How can someone love a partner when they do not have children in the equation? Why, even though offspring have been produced can families so dramatically and sadly self distruct? There must be a deeper meaning to our humanity. And here is a big question, why if you devote your life to wealth, posessions and happiness does it only seem okay while you are seeking these things? When you think you have got there, it feels just a bit hollow, just a bit of a let down, so you want more. Is that all there is? Well, no, actually, quality of life is more important.


Friendship inside and outside our family, a purpose in life, to love, to be loved, now that's more like it.

Many people are captivated by the thought of a powerful loving creator. To feel his presence, how amazing is that! To open the door to big questions like the big purpose for life. Wow!


There is just one problem, it takes an act of faith. Looking in on a cold stone built church when I was young did not go anywhere near this experience. Faith seemed cold, something to cling onto, or rather for others to cling onto, not for me.


"Living in faith" is not a helpul phrase. Taking a step of faith and then living in love. Thats more like it!