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Anchor Boys have lots of fun doing different activities which include making things, crafts, music, games, sports, stories going on visits, making friends, and working towards their badges.


All of this is done as part of a balanced programme. Anchor Boys helps develop self confidence and develops skills in 5 areas.


By having a uniform, no one feels left out, no one feels they don't belong and we all develop as individuals as part of a strong team.

Anchor Boys

- for ages between 5 & 8.

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Body    Mind    Spirit  Community Creativity

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Anchor Boys and Boys Brigade Juniors meet in church

on Thursdays starting at 6:30 pm and finishing at 7:45pm

The Company section and Seniors meet in church

starting at 8:00 and finishing at 9:30 pm

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The meetings are crammed full of challenges, games and activities, often ones that they themselves have suggested. There are dozens of varied activities. We try to encourage the boys to explore new interests. There is loads of variety and little chance of becoming bored!

The award programme is specifically designed to encourage the lads to look beyond themselves.

- for ages between 8 & 11

                                                            Boys Brigade provides a safe environment to explore new

possibilities and achieve personal goals while making friends and having adventures.


Every young person should expect . . .   • To experience new challenges

                                                              • To be listened to and have a say

                                                              • To be respected and valued

                                                              • To have fun

                                                              • To have the opportunity to develop a personal Christian faith


The BB offers opportunities for both “challenges” and “projects”.


And it's up to each young person to work out which opportunities are relevant for them, whether it's

improving football skills, sport's officiating, fundraising, DIY, podcasting, recycling, climbing or sailing.

- for ages between 11 & 15

- for ages between 15 & 18

BB Juniors

Company section

& Seniors

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