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The church has run an alpha course a number of times before. The courses run "when it just feels the right thing to do".


An Alpha course is a relaxed environment where people can explore spirituality and faith without making any commitment. Big questions can be asked. People who have attended Alpha say it is fascinating to hear the questions other people ask as well as being able to say what you think and let off a bit of steam about "LIFE".










Alpha allows you time to take a step to the side and look at life from a different angle wherever you are at, at this moment in time. Come and search for the meaning of life with us. Real life we know is joy and sorrow, sharing, searching and hopefully sometimes finding. There is a lot of materialism around, Much of life today does not even acknowledge our spiritual side.


Companionship, love, truth, healing, acceptance, freedom from something, a meaningful direction, a stronger sense of community, what's important to you? . There are all sorts of reasons people come to church, but most people are looking for something. It might be several of the above.  Just sharing with others the fact that there is more to life than we can see and physically feel is a very healthy thing to do. Christians would add faith and God to their list of things that are important. At alpha you can find out if church has relevence to any of this.










The alpha course @ Wickham Market

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